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Slow Speed?
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Is the device directly connected to the Residential Gateway with a cable? Your best speeds will come from a direct connection to the Gateway via a Cat5e or greater ethernet cable.


Is the device able to reach the speeds you are expecting? If you have the 1 Gbps package, make sure the device is able to operate at gigabit speeds. You should be able to find that information on the device’s specification sheet. A device that is equipped to handle a “Gig” service will see download and upload speeds around 940 Mbps


Is the device connected to the Residential Gateway Wi-Fi? The distance between your wireless device and the Gateway can cause poor speeds. Move closer to the Gateway and see if your speeds improve.


Could it be interference? Interference can cause your Wi-Fi to act poorly. Devices such as baby monitors, cordless phones, and microwave ovens can cause speeds and connection issues. If any of these devices are located next to the Gateway, try moving them to another location.


Do you need a Wi-Fi Extender? If you are able to connect in one room but not in another, MLConnect offers a Wi-Fi extender that will help achieve whole-home Wi-Fi coverage.

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