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Common causes for No Internet
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There are several variables that can cause no internet. It can be as simple as a cable that is unplugged, a broken fiber, or even a failing piece of equipment. Below are examples of the proper way equipment should be connected.


1.) Verify your Ethernet cable is plugged into the WAN port on the back of the router. 



2.) Verify the Ethernet cable is plugged into the ONT(Small white box.). Verify the cable goes directly from the ONT to the router. 



3.) Verify that the ONT has power. If there are no lights on it and the power cable is plugged into the ONT, it may be unplugged from the wall or strip. If there is a red light, the unit has failed.




4.) Verify the power, fiber, and LAN light is green. If your fiber light is out, please reseat the green connector carefully. If the fiber light is still out 

the fiber may be damaged.



An ONT that reports damaged or unplugged fiber will look like the one below:



5.) Verify all lights on the router are green. If one is red, please call tech support or submit a ticket.





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